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50 Years of Awlgrip

Since 1973 Awlgrip has offered proven, cutting-edge marine coatings technology that has elevated the beauty and elegance of vessels around the globe. Awlgrip is the leader across the board in product quality, visual aesthetics, technical support, accessibility and sustained product innovation.

Saba Adhesives & Sealants - Latest Innovation

Introducing Sabatack 950 boost the world's first MS polymer adhesive that integrates 2 components (A + Booster) in just 1 package. An elastic, very fast-boosted construction adhesive. The adhesive is solvent-free, non-sagging, UV stable, permanently elastic and (air) moisture curing.

Epifanes App

Have you seen the Epifanes App! It gives you all the information and tools you need to paint your boat. From allowing you to view all the products in their range, to getting tips and tricks on painting, sanding and degreasing. Their app really gives you a full guide to all things Epifanes.

Relaunch of Banque Populaire

The world's fastest offshore racers require very special and specific types of antifouling, hull and deck paint... plus about 5,000 hours of highly skilled labour to apply them correctly... Check out Seahorse magazines article about the relaunch of Banque Populaire Ultim painted in Nautix.

June Newsletter

Introducing our new monthly newsletter: Stay up to date with the latest from us! From irresistable product offers the latest industry news and so much more, don't miss the oppourtunity to be in the know about all things marine coatings and composites.

10 Days Until Crick Boat Show

Come and see us at Crick Boat show this May where we will be showcasing our Epifanes range along with Perfection Pro and so much more.

Product Update From Gurit

The expansion of feedstock options for our Kerdyn recycled PET structural core allows us to remove even more post-consumer waste from the environment. This wider range of materials means that the colour of Kerdyn may vary from time to time, but our stringent quality assurance process means that Kerdyn will always have the same high performance you've come to expect.

Gurit Ampro Hardeners Range Simlified

Gurit has simplified their Ampro range to only two systems, the Ampro system will now use the clear resin and clear hardener and the Ampro Bio System will now use the Bio Resin and Bio Hardener. We still have stock of the Bio Fast Hardener so the original Clear resin and Bio Hardener will be available in the fast system until this has cleared.

New Release from Awlgrip - Awlcraft 3000!

With all the application and repairability benefits of Awlcraft 2000, now with Awlgrip's next-generation, high gloss colour tint platform.

Propspeed - For All Your Underwater Metals

Propspeed is the original foul-release coating, recognised globally as the best solution to prevent marine growth on running gear and all underwater metals. Propspeed comes with a number of other advantages for the boat owner.

Introducing Rob Hales!

All the team at Marineware are please to welcome our newst member, Rob Hales, who started with us in mid-February.  Rob has spent most of his working life in the Marine industry, both around the Salcombe Estuary and more recently in the British Virgin Islands. 

The Serpentine Coffee House

The Serpentine Coffee House has been designed by Mizzi Studio and is located near the Serpentine galleries and has stunning views of the Serpentine Lake and Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. The roof has been designed to imitate a stingray, the house takes it’s form from a Japanese tea house and a Serpentine lake.