New Product Release - Ampreg 30

Gurit have just launched Ampreg 30, a new low toxicity epoxy laminating system for the manufacture of large composite structures in the marine, wind and construction industries. The new laminating system has been reformulated to prioritise user health and safety of hand lay-up and vacuum bagging production techniques through the careful selection of chemicals and the development of Light Reflective Technology (LRT) as a risk monitoring feature for the user. Gurit Ampreg 30 features a robust resin matrix resulting in excellent mechanical and thermal properties of laminates produced at ambient temperature cures as well as moderate temperature post-curing processes. The laminating system is available with a range of hardener speeds from fast to extra slow, all applying the same simple mix ratio and the ability to blend hardeners to achieve a range of intermediate working times.   Gurit Ampreg 30 is available as of now globally. The laminating system comes in a wide range of pack sizes from small packs to drums and IBC containers. Ampreg 30 is also available as LRT (Light Reflective Technology) version, an optional addition to the resin matrix that enables inspection of contamination by means of UV light after each work period to reduce workers` exposure to chemicals…

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