Gurit PVC80

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GURIT® PVC Structural Foam Core


Sheet Dimensions: 1020mm x 2180mm (2.22m2)

Other weights and finishes available, please call our office for more information

  • Optimised properties
  • Improve shear elongation
  • Suitable for all sandwich composite applications
  • Superior strength and stiffness to weight ratio
  • Self extinguishing
  • Outstanding chemical resistance

Gurit® PVC Foam is a closed cell, cross-linked PVC foam. It provides superior strength to weight ratio for all composite applications.

Other key features of Gurit® PVC include outstanding chemical resistance, negligible water absorption, and excellent thermal insulation capabilities. It is compatible with most common resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

Typical Applications

Gurit® PVC is an all purpose core and can be used in decks, hull sides, bulkheads, floors and wind turbine blade shells.

Basic information

  • Sheet size - 1020 mm x 2180 mm
  • Foam Colour - Green
  • Available thickness - 3 mm - 72 mm
  • Finishing - Pin Holed

Other Finishing options

  • PL - Plain
  • PH - Pinholed
  • CS - Scrim Backed
  • DC - Double Cut
  • VIC - Infusion Cut
  • VIC + PH - Infusion Cut with pinholes

For full explanation structural properties and  finishing options see the core guide and data sheet in technical documents or talk to your technical representative

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