Kerdyn Recycled Core | 20mm

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  • 80Kg/m3
  • Sheet Dimensions: 1005mm x 2440mm (2.45m2)
  • Gurit® KerdynTM Green: up to 100% recycled PET based product range
  • Withstands high process temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good adhesion & mechanical properties
  • Recyclable
  • PET low resin uptake performance
  • Fire Retardant version available

Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green have been developed to respond to the growing need for structural core materials with stable properties and improved resin uptake performance. Additionally the Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green allows to comply with the wind energy aim to reduce foot print and reinforce overall goals of waste reduction.

Highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic core material with good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications and processes. Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green is compatible with a wide range of resin systems including epoxy, vinyl ester, unsaturated polyester and phenolic resins.

Typical Applications - Gurit® Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green can be processed at high temperatures, withstanding high exotherms and offers outstanding chemical resistance, good adhesion; as highly consistent extruded foam, it is ideal for wind energy, marine, industrial, and transportation applications.

Applicable processing techniques include vacuum infusion, bonding, prepreg, and thermoforming.

Sheet size - 1005 mm x 2440 mm

Edge Marking - Blue

Available thickness - 3 mm - 200 mm

Finishing options:

  • PL - Plain
  • PH - Pinholed
  • CS - Scrim Backed
  • DC - Double Cut
  • VIC - Infusion Cut
  • VIC + PH - Infusion Cut with pinholes

For full explanation structural properties and  finishing options see the core guide and data sheet in technical documents or talk to your technical representative.

Click here to view Gurit's most recent report on Kerdyn Green PET.

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