Gurit Ampro Handipack

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SKU: F530-071/S
  • Ideal for repairs and other small tasks
  • Simple 3:1 mix ratio by volume (3 pumps resin to 1 pump hardener)
  • Improved health and safety
  • Comprised of 290G Ampro Resin & 85g Ampro CLR Fast Hardener

Gurit Ampro Handipack is a simple all purpose epoxy designed for small quick repair work construction jobs. The pack is comprised of 290g Ampro Resin & 85G Ampro CLR Fast Hardener. With a 3:1 mix ratio by volume (3 pumps Resin to 1 pump Hardener). The Handipack provides a quick and convenient way to complete a wide range of small tasks.

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