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Thames A-Rater – Ulva

Finished in Epifanes Yacht Enamel by David Heritage Racing Yachts. Ulva is a whopping 122 years old. She is the oldest rater in existence. Ulva’s hull as been used to create the mould for the current GRP raters.  

Propspeed installation on a Corvette 320

Propspeed installation on a Corvette 320 on Monday 23rd March. Props, rudder, shaft and P bracket keep your drive gear foul free with this amazing product. Propspeed is regarded as the best release coating on the market. Propspeed protects any metal surfaces that suffer from fouling. Such as: 🔹 Propellers 🔹 Underwater light fittings 🔹 P-brackets 🔹 Raw water intake covers 🔹 Struts and shafts 🔹 Rudders and sail drives Propspeed is also non toxic to marine life. More speed, less fuel! Propspeed installation. Big thanks to SF Marine for documenting their project. SF Marine:

The Serpentine Coffee House

The Serpentine Coffee House, designed by Mizzi Studio. Painted by ES Marine International. Located between the Serpentine Galleries with views of the Serpentine Lake and Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. The roof is designed to look like a stingray. It takes its form from a Japanese Tea Houses and the Serpentine Lake. This was completed by ES Marine International using a full Awlgrip system. (They primed with the new Awlgrip Quick Build Surfacer in black.) Using Awlcraft SE in gold with black effect. (The client wanted a metal patina effect so they used the new Awlgrip HDT Clear for its superior UV stability even though it had been given a satin finish). Marineware are the UK distributor for Awlgrip products, for more information chec...

Awlgrip Quick Build Primer now available in different colours!

Quick Build can closely match any finish, reducing the number of stages required to produce outstanding results. This can be applied directly to certain substrates with no other primer required. Easy application system for preparation and application in a single day. Vibrant colours in just minutes, closely matching finish colours for quicker hide. The new Awlgrip Quick Build Primer in YELLOW. Yellow boat, yellow primer …. Simples! Awlgrip Quick Build Primer now available in a range of colours! Big thanks to Kustom Coating Ltd!

Marineware Advanced Spray Courses

Last week at Carlisle Fluid Technologies, DeVilbiss to the rest of us, Marineware ran the 2019 editions of their Advanced Spray courses. These courses are designed for seasoned painters that have completed our normal course, and subjects have included; Advance metallic spray techniques, metallic repairs, quick systems, new products, advanced atomisation theory and introducing some new equipment. As with all metallics, some colours are harder than others. On these courses we concentrate on the hard ones. Richard Jennings from Akzo Nobel joined the Marineware team and helped us all complete seamless repairs in large panels while learning gun control methods and playing with different techniques to help with spray in repairs. We also in...

New Propspeed Deal, Just Signed!

Very exciting news from Marineware HQ this morning as we can finally announce that we have signed a distribution deal with Propspeed! Propspeed is the original propeller and running gear coating system, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line. Unlike anti fouls, Propspeed is a Foul Release product - meaning that organisms are unable to grip onto the surface tightly enough to stay put when the vessel is moving, rather than killing the organisms in the way that an anti foul would. Foul releases have the added benefit of preserving the integrity of metal surfaces, unlike some anti fouls which can weaken metallic structures when applied directly. All in all, it sounds like Propspeed is t...

AkzoNobel Primes Yacht Market for Revolutionary Spray Filler

Superyacht builders and applicators can now benefit from revolutionary spray filler technology developed by AkzoNobel, which is all set to make waves in the industry. Part of the company’s Awlgrip range, Awlfair SF is a high-performance filler which can be applied by pressurized airless spray, rather than by hand. The breakthrough innovation not only allows for wet-on-wet application, it also means up to two coats per day can be applied, without the need for sanding in-between. “We’re thrilled to introduce Awlfair SF to the yacht coatings market,” says Bilal Salahuddin, AkzoNobel’s Global Director for Yacht Coatings. “This is a true step change in the coatings industry which could open up multiple o...

AkzoNobel Strengthen Aerospace Business

Akzo Nobel N.V. (AKZA; AKZOY) has completed the acquisition of French aerospace coatings manufacturer Mapaero, which was first announced in July. The deal will strengthen AkzoNobel’s global position in aerospace coatings, notably in the structural and cabin coating sub-segments. Combining the world class product ranges from both companies will also enable AkzoNobel to provide customers with a much wider portfolio of innovative and sustainable solutions – as well as contributing directly to its Winning together: 15 by 20 strategy. Established in 1992 and specializing in sustainable water-based and advanced eco-friendly products, Mapaero operates a production facility in France and has around 140 employees. For m...

Quick Build

Awlgrips’ Quick Build was the Winner of the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) Innovation Award for Boat Care and Maintenance 2018. Learn more about Quick Build Sealer and Surfacer here!

American Magic choose Flag Blue HDT

Very exciting news from across the pond as the American Magic America’s Cup Team choose Awlgrip as their official coatings supplier! The team have gone for HDT Topcoat in Flag Blue for the hull, with Griptex nonskid on the decks. We think she looks pretty cool!