Designed to be used with a machine polisher and Blue High Gloss Pad 50388 , to easily remove swirl marks and holograms often left over from machine compounding. Achieves ultimate high gloss finish. Quick and easy clean up. Sold as 1 Litre Bottle. Produces a swirl (“hologram”) free finish even on black vehicles Specifically designed to remove swirl marks and holograms left by machine polishing, Ultrafina Polish results in a blemish free deep gloss appearance. For further Product Information and Usage please click here & here . For an exceptional final finish, and no unsightly swirl marks or holograms, use our 3M™ Perfect-It™ Ultrafine SE Polish with your machine polishers. Our compound is part of an award-winning next range of next generation colour-coded products, designed for use in the final stage of our colour-code process, to help you achieve enviable high gloss results. Our polish is quick and easy to clean up, giving you more time for other jobs. It’s the choice of car refinishing professionals worldwide.