Same 100:29 resin to hardener mix ratio by weight across range of hardener speeds Premium laminating resin offering: o Improved fabric impregnation with lower initial mixed viscosity Faster mechanical property generation at ambient cure High flexural properties without compromising tensile performance Low Toxicity Ampreg 3X Hardener Formulations Improved Hazard Labelling Non-CMR and SVHC Free Environmentally Non-hazardous Ampreg 36 is Gurits premium epoxy laminating system and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of large, high-performance composite structures, whilst offering improved health and safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials. The products superior laminate mechanical properties and high Tgs achievable from modest post-cures, make it well suited for heavily loaded applications, particularly those where a little extra thermal performance is required. Ampreg 36 is optimised for use in hand-lay up and vacuum bagging processes, but can also be used in other processes such as RTM, vacuum infusion, pultrusion and filament winding. Ampreg 36 is recognised worldwide as the premium laminating system for the manufacture of racing sailboats, and high performance, one-off cruising boats. This system is available with a range of hardener speeds, from Fast to Extra Slow and in a wide range of formats from small pack sizes to drums and IBCs