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Epifanes Epoxy Filler 1500 is a two component filler for above and below the waterline. Excellent direct adhesion to steel, aluminium, fibreglass and wood after the necessary surface preparation. A two-component light weight filler for the filling and levelling of smaller areas in wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass. Easy to apply and to sand. High abrasion resistance.


Very dense, water resistant and shrink-free, two-component filler based on epoxy resin. Can be applied up to 1.5cm. Apply on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester, above and below the waterline. In general, this epoxy filler is used in a two component paint system, but it is also more and more used in a single-component system, in combination with Epifanes Multi Marine Primer. Repair Reviews with Epifanes Epoxy Filler 1500 can be treated directly with a single-component primer or topcoat. On large surfaces, first apply a layer of poly-urethane topcoat and then finish with a one component paint Epifanes. Sand after 24 hours at 18 ° C. Dying time is 30-60 minutes dep. of the amount produced Advice: Clean surfaces well with degreaser to remove the greasy surface layer. This prevents flooding of the abrasive and is necessary in order to obtain a good adhesion of the paint on the filler. Afterwards sand with 100-120 Grit Recoat: After 24 hours at 18 ° C. Mixing ratio in volume: 100: 50 Mix ratio by weight: 100: 50

Description: A strong two-component finishing filler on epoxy resins. Very fine and shrink free. Provides a very smooth surface. Apply in thin layers only (max. 1 mm.). Prior to use, stir each component separately and then thoroughly together until colour is uniform. Do not use under 12°C. (60°F.). Best sandable properties are between 24 and 48 hours.

Packing: 750ml. - 1500ml.

Use: GRP - Steel - Wood - Aluminium : a fine epoxy finishing filler on use on Epifanes Epoxy Filler 1300 in two-component paint systems above and if needed below the waterline If topcooated above the waterline with a one-component finsih , first apply one coat Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating or Poly-urethane Primer.

Repaintable: After 24 hours @18°C.

Application tips: Filled areas must be well degreased with Epifanes Cleaning Solution. This will prevent clogging of grease in the sandpaper and will ensure a better bonding. Follow by sanding with P100-P120.