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POLY-BOND products are polyester-based lightweight bonding compounds designed for bonding fibreglass to fibreglass laminates or resin coated wood to fibreglass laminates

Poly-Bond B39 is a high strength, light weight pumpable polyester adhesive formulated for high production boat builders. B39 "hangs" well on vertical and inverted surfaces, and "stacks" well on tops of stringers. It was formulated to provide reliable structural bonds in both thin and thick bond lines. B39 has low shrinkage, low exotherm, and zero volume loss during pumping. It's long gel time and fast cure make it ideal for the bonding and quick demoulding of large parts such as fibreglass overhead and interior liners, and moulded structural grids. B39 can also be used for hull to deck joints, strake filling, and as radius putty. B39 is MEKP catalysed.

Poly-Bond B37 is a light weight, low exotherm polyester-based adhesive with excellent thixotropy. Poly-Bond B37 is formulated for MEKP catalyzation, and can be dispensed through pumping systems with internal mix catalyst systems. Typical applications in the marine industry include hull-to-deck joints, bonding of interior liners and engine stringers, strake fillers, and cavity fillers for rudders and keels.



1 Poly-Bond B37
2 Poly-Bond B39