PRIMETM 27 is suitable for the female moulding of large, complex components incorporating advanced fibres such as carbon and aramid*. Typical projects include spars, hulls and reinforcing structures. PRIMETM 27 offers outstanding performance ina variety of liquid infusion processes including SCRIMPTM, RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling), VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding) and RTM (resin transfer moulding). PRIME 27 resin uses a wide range of hardeners to give a range of working times and cure speeds. This enables the gel time of the resin to be closly matched to the required infusion time for any particular size of moulded part. It achieves excellent mechanical and physical properties, including a high Tg from a moderate (50°) postcure. The system has an exceptionally low exotherm characteristic, which allows thick sections to be manufactured without risk of premature gelation due to exothermic heat build-up. This low exotherm will also extend the life of the mould tools.