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Foaming Epoxy

SPECIALIST FOAMING EPOXY SYSTEM Expanding epoxy system Density 150 - 300kg/m3 Uses Ampreg 21 hardeners Good mechanical and thermal properties Excellent adhesion to substrates Three components for flexibility and storage stability Ampreg F230-1 is a foaming epoxy system designed for the manufacture of marine foils. It is a high strength and toughness expanding foam and has an expansion rate of up to 4 times the initial mixed volume. Ampreg F230-1 has been formulated to use the Ampreg 21 range of hardeners. The compatibility of the Ampreg F230-1 and Ampreg 21 ensures a high strength bond is achieved between the foil skins and the expanded epoxy foam. Compared to competitive products, which typically only have 1 or 2 hardeners, the Ampreg F230-1 is available with a range of hardeners from fast to extraslow. This allows the speed of the system to be tailored to the size of the cavity, which reduces exotherm and shrinkage, leading to higher quality parts. Ampreg F230-1 combined with Ampreg 21 is the ideal package of materials for the manufacture of high quality marine foils.