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SKU: F118-073
Epoxy Laminating System
Ampreg 22 is an established and widely used laminating system. It is intended for both wet lay-up and vacuum bagging processes and uses the most up-to-date epoxy chemistry available. Its long working time, low exotherm and low viscosity make it ideal for the manufacture of large, high performance composite structures. The Ampreg 22 system consists of a resin and a choice of five hardeners to provide a complete range of working properties. With its extra slow hardener Ampreg 22 can provide laminate working times of over 5 hours at 20°C whilst having low exothermic reactions even when used in thick sections. The Fast hardener has such rapid throughcure at 25-30°C that it can be used to produce small mouldings that are demouldable in just a few hours. The low initial viscosity allows laminates to be produced by contact pressure, vacuum or pressure bag techniques, filament winding, or vacuum assisted resin injection. Thorough wetting of reinforcement fibres is ensured by the low viscosity and excellent air release properties of the resin / hardener mixture. This, in particular, assists with the impregnation of aramid and carbon fibres. Ampreg 22 resin is coloured bright yellow, with the hardeners having a range of different colours. This makes component identification easier and facilitates thorough mixing of resin and hardener. For example, the Extra Slow Hardener is coloured blue leading to a clearly identifiable green colour when thoroughly mixed with the resin. Ampreg 22 resin has one of the lowest diluent contents of any epoxy resin system available today. Together with the use of some unique chemistry in the hardeners, the overall system shows marked improvements in handling safety over other products. The system is formulated without DDM, which is particularly important for those using the product in open-mould, hand lay-up situations, where skin contact and exposure to vapours can be difficult to avoid completely.