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Epifanes Interimcoat is a two-component paint based on epoxy and vinyl resins to which filling components are added to assist in the adhesion properties. Suited for use above and below the waterline as an adhesion primer on two-component substrates prior to application of a one-component paint (above the waterline) or an antifoul (below the waterline). May be applied directly onto bare fibreglass.



Description: A two-component antifouling primer and/or intercoat with outstanding adhesion properties and durability. Can be recoated with many one- and two-component products. Suitable for use above and below the waterline in an epoxy system or directly on bare fiberglass.

Packing: 750ml. - 5000ml.

Use: Steel - Plywood - Aluminium: Final (antifouling) bonding layer on a full epoxy system for use below and if needed also above the waterline. Fiberglas: Directly on bare degreased and sanded fiberglass.

Brush processing: Epifanes D-601 Thinner

Obtainable coverage: 8 m² per kg. @ 35 µm dry filmthickness

Colours: white

Fiberglass / GRP - steel - wood - aluminium: For use above and below the waterline. Bonding primer for all types of antifouling on fiberglass / GRP. Finishing bonding coat on epoxy systems. After curing, always degrease with Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish to remove possible amine blush from the surface. Do not sand this primer.