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SKU: INT-398448PA20L

A professional PU Acrylic, solvent-borne, clear wood sealer with good transparency and high filling power. This sealer is easy sanding and can be used where insulating properties are not required.



Akzo Nobel Quantum Q-S170 Clear Insulating Sealer

Acrylic-based polyurethane coatings (PU) are chemically curing solvent-based coatings, in which two raw material groups (hardeners and binders) react with one another. When completely cured, PU acrylic coatings form insoluble, extremely durable PVC-safe coating films that are suitable for all types of wood. Their main feature is that they are highly resistant to chemicals and provide very good surface hardness.

Properties: Good transparency, high filling power, suitable for bleached wood, closed pores, easy to sand, lightfast. 

Main area of use: Interior, furniture, cabinets

Application: Spray application Airmix/Airless, Spray application high/low pressure

- Available in 20L Base or 5L Base

Hardener - Akzo Nobel HPU 6300 (20%)

Thinner - Akzo Nobel TPU9300 - Fast or TPU9301 - Slow


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