TDS FE180 Marine Epoxy Bond Maximum Strength | 2 Gallon Kit

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  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Cure temperatures as low as 10°C
  • No induction time required once mixed
  • Outstanding bond strength to most common marine materials
  • User friendly

Teakdecking Systems FE180 Marine Epoxy is formulated to achieve outstanding bond strength to the most common marine materials including teak, other woods, fiberglass, aluminium and steel. The specially engineered fillers display a superior wet out of bonding surfaces resulting in both a mechanical and chemical bond to adhere to even the most challenging substrates. Once thoroughly mixed at a mix ratio of 1:1, the material can be spread immediately, requiring no induction time. At 25°C, a layer of FE-180A applied with a 3/16″ toothed trowel will have an open time of approximately 120-130 minutes, the material will set in approximately 6-8 hours, and complete cure will be achieved in approximately 24-36 hours. Once cured, FE-180A Marine Epoxy provides excellent water-resistance, flexibility and internal strength which ensures the long-term stability of the composite structure.

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