¬ Optimised for open-mould laminating of large structures
¬ Germanischer Lloyd approved
¬ Mix ratio of 100:28 (by weight)

AMPREG 22 is an established and widely used laminating system. It is intended for both wet lay-up and vacuum bagging processes. The long working time and low exotherm of Ampreg 22 make it ideal for manufacturing large, high performance composite structures. Ampreg 22 is both Germanischer Lloyds and Lloyds approved for certified applications.

The Ampreg 22 system consists of a resin and a choice of five hardeners to provide a complete range of working properties. With its 14 hour hardener Ampreg 22 can provide laminate working times of over 14 hours at 20°C / 70°F whilst having low exothermic reactions even when used in thick sections. The Fast hardener has such rapid through-cure at 25-30°C / 75-85°F that it can be used to produce small mouldings that are demouldable in just a few hours.

Ideally suited to large structures such as boat hulls, buildings and wind turbine blades.

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