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The subsea sector is another boundary-pusher for Marineware from ROVs to temporary buoyancy solutions.We have foams that can cover a range of depths when depth versus cost is important. Gurit`s S-Foam allow us to reach greater depths and have been used in a number of submarine and ROVs applications all of which have been put to use in some seriously hostile environments, gathering important information from unimaginable depths.

We offer raw material or finished kitted parts for your chosen project from 5 metre to over 1000 metre depths.



The architectural sector was Marineware`s first venture away from the marine industry and is an area that we have been involved in for a long time. We are familiar with the main requirements (durability and aesthetics) as the marine industry share these. Our initial claim to architectural fame was providing the coatings for the Lord’s Media Centre and since then we have made great strides in finding durable and high gloss coatings, from high traffic floors as well as facades on buildings, such as the facade on Hill’s Place in London and high wear areas in the Royal Festival Hall. Be it internal or external finishes we have solutions from Akzo Nobel for all.


Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is without doubt one of the most dynamic and ever-changing industries that we at Marineware find ourselves working in. From wind turbine blades to tidal and wave power generators, the constant need for less maintenance, less downtime and more efficiency often has our scratching our heads for solutions. Being involved from the beginning on prototypes work we have gained valuable experience on what it takes to be successful in these harsh environments. So whether you’re building or repairing composite components or painting a turbine blade we have a fast, durable solution for you.



The transportation industry asks a lot of all products involved - they need to be hard wearing, low maintenance and lightweight. Our PVC and PET Cores from SAN CoreCell from Gurit, are not only lightweight but they offer excellent impact resistance and can be overlaid with a range of veneers and as such are incredibly versatile.

SABA adhesives are another product range that ticks all the boxes; as well as being UV stable, solvent free and paintable, which is why we recommend them to our transport industry customers - whether it be for buses, trucks, vans or horseboxes, the easy to use and low maintenance SABA products offer worry free miles. Saba combined with our range of methacrylates from Crestabond offer an alternative higher structural strength that is both primeless and quick curing. With Saba and Crestabond they enable Marineware to offer a solution for most bonding requirements including windows bonding to fast production structural side panels.



The aviation industry is an exciting challenge for Marineware and is another industry with high demands. The strength/weight balance is crucial, as is the need for fire retardant materials. Lessons learnt in composites from marine and automotive gives us the edge of composite construction and with the product range offered by Akzo Nobel we have a solution for internal or external coatings to meet many classifications.



The automotive industry is an exciting change of pace for Marineware - many of the requirements that we deal with are covered by our range of Prepreg Materials, Carbon Cloths, Epoxy Resins and Structural Adhesives – a combination of which offer structural integrity as well as cosmetic aesthetics.  We find our cosmetic carbon cloths and prepreg e-glass to be very popular in the automotive industry and coupled with the tough but spectacular Durepox Clear Coats we can achieve some fantastic finishes for people looking for that UV stable perfect cosmetic carbon finish.



The marine industry is where Marineware started and as such we have over 25 years knowledge on the coatings, composites and adhesive requirements for all marine applications.

From the beautiful and hard wearing finishes offered by Awlgrip, Epifanes and Durepox to the advanced scientific antifouls  of International and Nautix products, for exterior, interior, tank and underwater coating systems - we've got them covered. Our composites and structural ranges include CoreCell, Gurit Resins, Scott Bader, Teak Deck Systems and SABA adhesives and sealants - all brands that are renowned for their strength, safety and durability. To complete the range Antal is designed and built in Italy and brings high tech on-deck solutions with high loadings and competitive pricing.

Marineware pride ourselves on our knowledge base and our external and internal technical sales team include professional boat builders, applicators, boat skippers and it's our dedication to professional and customer oriented excellence, Marineware is your first call whether your project be dinghy, racing yacht, cruising yacht, river launch, canal boat or superyacht.

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