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Gurit have a range of solvent free epoxy laminating and coating products, and each of these products has a range of hardener speeds. This allow the applicator to select the appropriate gel/cure time for their application, and the conditions they are working under.

But what if the slow will take too long and the fast will not give you enough time?

The Answer - blend the hardeners

This allows you to have ultimate control over the gel-time, working time or cure time you require.

As with all things this is not quite as simple as it wold first appear due to the exothermic properties of solvent free epoxy systems – but we can help you with this.  Epoxies as they cure generate heat as the resin and hardener chemistry polymerise, that is go hard. The greater percentage of Fast hardener the more this is going to be noticeable, and as the heat generated makes the epoxy cure faster it will go faster still.

But with a little trial and error – or better speaking to us – we can help you with the blend ratios just right for you.


Points to remember, only use hardeners from within the same system for example Ampreg 21 Standard blend with Ampreg 21 Slow. And always add the correct ratio of resin to blended hardeners by weight as the mix ratio by volume can be different as in the example below.


For more information check the products below:

Ampreg 21

Ampreg 22


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