New Release - Ampreg 30

Gurit have just launched Ampreg 30, a new low toxicity epoxy laminating system for the manufacture of large composite structures in the marine, wind and construction industries. The new laminating system has been reformulated to prioritise user health and safety of hand lay-up and vacuum bagging production techniques through the careful selection of chemicals and the development of Light Reflective Technology (LRT) as a risk monitoring feature for the user. Gurit Ampreg 30 features a robust resin matrix resulting in excellent mechanical and thermal properties of laminates produced at ambient temperature cures as well as moderate temperature post-curing processes. The laminating system is available with a range of hardener speeds from fast to extra slow, all applying the same simple mix ratio and the ability to blend hardeners to achieve a range of intermediate working times.   Gurit Ampreg 30 is available as of now globally. The laminating system comes in…

Perfection Pro - New Concept in Paint Delivery

The launch of Perfection Pro is strengthened by a new concept in paint delivery that supports professional customers to improve efficiency and profitability. With the installation of eco-efficient paint mixing units with local distributors, consistent high-quality Perfection Pro colours can be produced even closer to the customer. The new mixing units offer a highly flexible approach to colour selection and quick colour availability. With the eco-efficient mixing solution, convenience and speed are available on demand; as are hundreds of colours. Perfection Pro is easy to apply by spray or brush and roller, and leaves a gloss finish that offers excellent UV protection and resistance to fuel, oil, mild acids and detergents. Perfection Pro is supplied in a wide range of new colours and can be mixed on demand with a choice from two different binders to optimise application benefits of the paint adapted to the customer requirements. Perfection Pro spray…

Having problems Spraying?

Having problems with your pressure pot? Our expert sprayers can help... 'More often than not, when people experience pressure problems with their pot it's a common problem that can be easily fixed.  Cleanliness of the Check Valve is more than likely where the fault can occur. Keeping this part clean and making sure it's free from paint residue is very important. Our Spray Gun Cleaning Kit and Gun Wash thinners can help with this.'

How to Varnish

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How do I get the best results from my varnish?


If you’re applying over an existing varnish, ensure the surface is sound, if not the coating should be removed. Test for compatibility – To test if an existing topside paint product, or a varnish, is compatible with our two-part polyurethane products; tape a cloth soaked in acetone or similar solvent to the previously painted substrate for 24 hours. If the surface is softened, it is probably not compatible.

varnish brush

In this instance, unless stripping down to the bare substrate is an option, a one-part product should be applied. For bare wood, unless you’re using a clear surface primer, such as Epifanes Rapidclear, we recommend thinning the first coat of all our varnishes. This promotes good penetration of the surface and adhesion of subsequent coats. After this first coat, the surface will appear rough – as the exposed ends of the wood absorb the varnish and lift – sand this smooth with a medium grit sandpaper.




Hints and tips?

  • Round the edges of any scrapers with a file to avoid gouging
  • Keep the sandpaper clean and change it frequently
  • Sand by numbers, finishing the surface with a progressively finer grit of paper
  • Varnishing is best achieved on warm, dry mornings – cold weather slows drying and moisture spoils the gloss
  • Always use a clean brush, previously used only for varnish
  • Always buy the highest quality varnish and brush available. This will ensure you achieve the most attractive finish
  • Clean new brushes before use
  • Test the finish on a spare piece of wood before applying to the boat
  • On large areas use a foam roller to apply the initial coat, followed immediately behind with a wide brush for the finishing strokes – this is best done by two people
  • After cleaning with the correct thinners, wash the brush in detergent and warm water, dry and wrap in greaseproof paper in a fine chisel shape
  • Alternatively, having cleaned and washed the brush, suspend by its handle to avoid any ‘fishtailing’ of the bristle
  • As the varnish ages in the can you may find there are lumps or contamination. Sieving the varnish into a separate container through cheesecloth, a paint filter or an old stocking is a good solution to this problem
  • Never apply direct from the can, as this will introduce contamination
  • Always pour the amount of varnish that you expect to use at any one time, into a separate container
  • Don’t use varnish which has been open for a long period as it will have picked up dust
  • Do not varnish wood when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Never leave bare wood exposed too long as it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere

Antal Ring - what are they for?

Low friction rings are at the heart of Soft links. Simple, lightweight and resistant Rings, together with more sophisticated products, such as Solid rings and Hooks, revolutionized the way we design fixed and running rigging on sailboats, and not only on sailboats. Thanks to the perfect polishing Soft links give extremely low friction. Thanks to their simplicity they cut prices down and require absolutely no maintenance. The universal solution. The first of Soft links’ characteristics is versatility. I can use a Ring as barber, or lazy jack. On the backstay bridle instead of a sheave or for 8:1 control systems. For reefing or 3D genoa adjusting. And obviously, as a block.

Awlwood - Less Really is More

FROM ZERO TO HERO IN HALF THE TIME Awlwood is incredibly simple to use and quick to apply (to see just how easy Awlwood is to apply, visit With fewer coats, faster drying and no sanding (when over-coated within recommended intervals), Awlwood achieves stunning results in half the time of traditional varnishes. LESS REALLY IS MORE From fewer coats comes a durability that needs to be seen to be believed! Awlwood withstands the harshest wear and tear yet maintains its exceptional glossy finish looking as goods as the day it was applied for multiple seasons. So with Awlwood, less is definietly more! SCIENCE AND NATURE IN PERFECT HARMONYDesigned from scratch to work in perfect harmony with wood (all wood in fact!), Awlwood can do things a normal varnish cannot do.  

Gurit Epoxy Repair Kit

EPOXY REPAIR KIT A handy self-contained kit which contains all of the materials required to carry out a full range of quick structural and sealing repairs on GRP, wood or steel boats. For Gluing, filling, fairing, coating, filleting and laminating Ideal for emergencies or general maintenance and repair Instruction sheet included KIT CONTENTS 250ml of Handipack Resin with 125ml of Handipack hardener - easy 2 to 1 mix ratio by volume 2 calibrated mixing pots 2 mixing sticks 2 pairs of nitrile gloves 2 glue brushes 1 pot Microfibres - to make glue 1 pot Microballons - to make filler 1 pot Colloidal Silica - to thicken the epoxy to stop sag and drain Glass tape All in one resealable easy to carry plastic box

What makes Awlgrip so Special

WHAT MAKES AWLGRIP SO SPECIAL? The Awlgrip brand has been around since the early 70’s. Awlgrip has offered proven technologies, developed for the yachting environmentfor over 40 years now. Today it’s a world-leading brand that you can find in almost any port, any country or location. Best of all, Awlgrip has country factory representatives, and an extensive distribution network all around the globe.Our product range has not been standing still these past 40 years, we have continuously developed and evolved our range to suit the finest boat builders, repairers applicators requirements as their businesses have evolved.   An industry standard The Awlgrip® brand is an undisputed world leader in the Yacht Professional Topsides segment. To put it in the words of a leading boatbuilder: “It’s an industry standard. Every serious yachtbuilder and owner knows that an Awlgrip job IS a paint job.”* Within the yacht industry, Awlgrip's reputation is one…
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